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Concerns over your child’s academics can make you both feel overwhelmed with doubt and create unnecessary worry. This can include: lack of motivation, difficulty starting and completing tasks, attention concerns, socialization struggles and difficulties with executive functioning skills such as time management, scheduling and organization. 

Because of my previous experience as a school counselor I have seen the impact that thorough and responsive therapy can provide for all school aged children. Your child will begin to get back on track at school and at home by being able to learn conventional skills that connect all of their environments.


Anxiety is not always a bad thing, but having too much can create unnecessary stress while having too little can elicit an “I don’t care” response on life. Anxiety may keep you from going out with your friends, doing well on tests, sleeping regularly, and can even cause body discomfort: stomach cramps, nausea, or a change in eating habits.


Working together to control your anxiety can help you feel more in control of your life. Stop letting anxiety keep you from engaging in the activities you once enjoyed. The “what if” of life will always be there, yet going to therapy will put you back behind the wheel of how you want to reach your goals.


Feeling depressed may mean you have the reoccurring thought of….”what’s the point?” The darkness can creep in unexpectedly and stay as an unwelcome visitor for days or months on end. You don’t feel like getting up, you’re falling behind on your responsibilities, and you just don’t seem to care about what happens next. Depression feels like a black hole you can’t climb out of and the light is slowly fading.


In order to challenge your depression, we will work together to learn coping skills to fit your needs. Counting to 10, meditation, and yoga are all great tools to have but don’t work for everyone. In therapy we will use your own strengths to learn how to boost your willingness to get up and live each day to your fullest potential.


Whether you just moved to a new city, recently changed your relationship status or you are questioning your career, I'm here to help you process these big thoughts. Many of us often feel unsettled before and after a big change. In therapy we will utilize your strengths and focus on improving your weaknesses to set goals, discuss progress, and celebrate the small victories. 

Change does not have to be scary. A lack of control can create big emotions and lead to feeling lost or confused. You don't have to do this alone. 

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